Wednesday, July 21, 2010

I think I'll stick to teaching!

For the past four months I have STRUGGLED with a pattern making class I decided to take for "Fun." This class has been torture for me!! Before this class I used to make fun of girls who were in the Home and Family Major because I thought it was a pointless major to be in, but BOY was I wrong! Those girls are SUPER smart! For our final project we had to design our own pattern and then make our design. It is pretty much like being on Project Runway! On Saturday we went over to the Andersen's house and my AMAZING mother-in-law helped me complete my project! We worked on this stupid outfit for five hours! I'm so glad that my project is all done and that I will have completed the most difficult class I have ever taken!! The most important thing this class has taught me is that I am not meant to be a fashion designer... I'll just stick to being an Elementary school teacher!

The first picture is the front of my finished project! I designed it to look like a dress from the 1940's! The second picture is of the patterns I designed and used for the final project! These are the major part of the project!! It took me a long time to make these suckers! The last picture is of the back of my project! I thought the cute yellow buttons would make the outfit POP!


  1. This is really cute, you did a great job! I tried to make a basic vest for one of Eric's Halloween costumes and it was SUCH A PAIN IN THE BUTT!!! I can't imagine doing a whole outfit. We are excited to see you guys in a few weeks, call me sometime when you are free to iron out some details. LOVE YOU Guys!!!!

  2. Awesome job Kacey! I am so glad you are finally done with that stupid class :o) Did I tell you how great it was to see you and Tyler? Well, it WAS so great to see you guys! And Gavin is lovin' the football...he's beaned me in the head a few times with it.

  3. It looks great Kacey! My mom was a Home Eco major in college and had to do that too. The positive side was growing up she would take us to really expensive stores, let us pick out whatever we wanted, take pictures of it, and make it herself. It definitely spoiled us! What a great skill to learn.