Saturday, October 16, 2010

Decorating for Halloween!

It's almost time for Halloween!! Tyler and I were excited to finally be able to decorate our apartment this weekend! We were able to hang some SUPER SCARY spider webs on our windows and door, and we made spiders that resembled us! Tyler made sure his spider had a Hugh Nibley book in its legs!

Here is Tyler starting to decorate our front window with our spooky spider webs!!

Today was the Nebraska v. Texas game, so I wore my Burnt Orange shirt to show my love for Texas! Tyler was a "little" upset when Texas beat Nebraska, but I still wore my shirt with pride!
We decided to start a new tradition in our family and make personalized spiders! We had so much fun making our spiders together! We talked about the many "spiders" we would add in the future and how fun it will be to make spiders together as a family!
(Don't you just LOVE our ghetto fabulous furniture! Tyler liked our fold out chairs so much that he wanted to make them apart of our home!)


  1. So cute!! You guys are so creative! Will you have any trick-or-treaters? I wish we could chill and watch football and eat potatoes with you guys on Saturdays :o( We miss you!

  2. I love your spiders! It's neat how you were able to "personalize" them. I'm glad to see that you are carrying on the "Alleman tradition" of celebrating Halloween. And I'm with Ellen, I wish we could "chill" with you and Tyler, too. We love you guys!