Saturday, November 6, 2010

Texas Countdown!

The end of the semester is approaching which means....... CHRISTMAS IS COMING!!!! Tyler and I are excited for Christmas, but we are more excited about coming home for the wonderful holiday! Instead of making a Christmas Countdown, we have made a Texas Countdown. My camera would not span out wide enough to show the whole chain, but you get the gist of it! Only 43 more days!!! Today, while Tyler was watching his football games, I took a little drive over to the CUTEST craft store in the world! Mom can attest to the greatness of PORTER'S!! I can spend hours in that store! It just so happened that Porter's was having a sale on all of their Fall merchandise, so I picked up some decorations for our house for CHEAP!! The garland and the adorable acorns cost $6 total! Here are some pictures of where we used our Fall decorations!

If you are asking yourself, "Is that Herbie the Husker?" You are correct! Tyler's family has had this wood cut out for many years! Now it is a part of our little family, but ONLY during the College Football season!

We hope y'all are having a WONDERFUL Fall!

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  1. Let the countdown begin! We're so jealous that you get to head to Texas!