Saturday, November 27, 2010

Thanksgiving/ISU Game

Happy Thanksgiving Y'all! We hope each of you had a WONDERFUL Thanksgiving with all of your loved ones! We had such a great time with Tyler's family! We had TONS of food and watched plenty of football games and Christmas movies! His mom is such a wonderful hostes and made the holiday extra special! I ADORE my family-in-law, and I am SO thankful to be apart of their family! Here is a picture of one of the Turkey cookies we made with our cute little nieces right before Thanksgiving! Two weekends ago, Tyler and I were able to go to an ISU game! On Friday Tyler tried calling me during my last class! He NEVER tries to call me while I am in class, so I automatically assumed someone had died! Tyler had gotten free tickets from his work to go to an ISU game, and to visit a "Decoding Davinci" exhibit in Idaho Falls, so on Saturday we had a SUPER fun date! We headed to the museum, which was super fun, and then we made the trip down to Pocatello to see the football game! As you can see from our picture... the parking was AWFUL!! We had to park SO far away from the stadium!
Then we had the hardest time finding our seats because the stadium was packed! (This was a picture taken at the beginning of the second quarter!)But all of the crowds and the horrible parking was not going to stop my Honey and I from having a SUPER fun time! By the end of the game, ISU was loosing so bad, we started cheering for the other team! In the end... ISU lost! (If you did not catch my sarcasm, the parking was amazing, the stands were not packed, and ISU has a REALLY bad football team!) All in all, it was a FABULOUS date!


  1. We enjoyed reading about your wonderful Thanksgiving and your Date to the ISU game!! It was a "fun" Blog to read with your words not matching up with the pictures :) We love you guys so much!

  2. Love it!! That is a pretty sad looking football game, but it looks like you guys had a blast anyway!! btw I like the festive background change....yay for Christmas!