Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Fun Times

Ever since Tyler finished school, we have been having so many fun times here in Pocatello! We wanted to share with y'all some of the fun pictures we have captured of Leah and other random events.
 Leah asleep in her highchair because mommy was taking too long to make lunch! 
 First time Leah tried spaghetti! She got so dirty!! Don't you just love the noodles on her head! 
 Tyler loves this picture of Leah! She is just the best little girl! She took her first steps on Saturday to her Grandma Andersen! We are hoping she will start walking a lot while we are in Texas!! 
We laughed so hard when we saw this sign!
This is pretty much what we are surrounded by in Pocatello! There are mountains everywhere! We just love Pocatello and all of the fun things we get to do in such a beautiful city! 

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