Tuesday, May 18, 2010

One Year Ago....

Tyler and I have been having fun celebrating all of our "Firsts" over the last couple of days. On Thursday we celebrated our first date, on Sunday we celebrated the first time I met his family, and yesterday we celebrated our first kiss! The phrase "Time flies by when your having fun" couldn't be more accurate for our life!

This picture was taken on one of our dates! I needed a picture to show mom what Tyler looked like, but my roommate thought it would be funny to make it look like an engagement picture!

This is Tyler and I on Halloween! We had so much fun dressing up as "gangstas"!!

Tyler and I on our Wedding day!! This was truly the happiest day of our lives!!
Tyler and I a couple of months ago! (We have not taken any recent pictures lately! Sorry!) We love being Newlyweds!
Over the past year Tyler and I have had our fair share of trials, but we have also been truly blessed. We have been ridiculed by MANY for getting married too quickly, and me getting married too young, but I learned an important lesson that the only opinion that matters is that of our Heavenly Father's. Tyler and I followed the Spirit, and we have been blessed because of it! I thank my Heavenly Father every day for such a wonderful, amazing, hard working, and super cute Husband!


  1. Thank you for the memories! I think it's neat that you are celebrating all of your "first experiences" that are so special to you and Tyler. And you are right--it is important to follow the Spirit as we try to do what Heavenly Father wants us to do. We know that you and Tyler are on the "right track." We love you guys!

  2. Has it already been a year? Wow! Congratulations on all the 'firsts,' you two.

    You have it exactly right, Kacey. No two people are exactly alike, and no two marriages follow the same path. The only rock-solid reliable guide we have is the Spirit. It's so good to hear that you and Tyler are happy and doing so well.

  3. I think Ryan has it right, but I'm a little biased. (Wink) Hey, Happy Birthday Tyler. Hope you have a great day and a lot of fun. Come down for a visit anytime, you two.

  4. Hey Kacey! What a great blog! I had no idea you had one until I stumbled on it from your brother's blog through dani (roberts churchill)! I just have to comment and say you are so great for following the Spirit. I was also married very early after I graduated from high school, and found that Heavenly Father's plan for each of us is definitely all that matters! I actually only had a 6 week engagement, and we only dated and were engaged for a total of 3 months! Some may call it crazy, but people don't know your life plan, only Heavenly Father! I hope you are doing great in school!! And that newlywed life is giving you everything you've ever wanted!! You and your husband are SO cute together!!
    Here's my blog: thepkfordfamily.blogspot.com