Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Rain, Rain, PLEASE GO AWAY!!!

For the past month our weather cycle here in Rexburg has been BIPOLAR!!! One day it will be beautiful sunny weather and then the next it will be windy and rainy!! One day we pull out our carpi's and flip flops (which we don't wear on campus!!) and then the next we are pulling out our rain boots and coats!
It would be very nice to have a couple of days of beautiful, sunny weather so it can feel like its summer! A couple of days ago we had 30-50 mph wind which is incredibly difficult to walk in let alone where a skirt in!! Lets just say I've had a few Marilyn Monroe moments!
We love Rexburg, and we are so thankful for our time here! We just wish it was so not darn windy all the time!

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