Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Easter and the rest of April

We have been having some really fun adventures the last few months. When we were living in our basement apartment we could not fit our couch down to where we were living, so we bought this cute chair from DI, but as you can see it is a little...dated! My wonderful mother in law saw the potential in the chair and helped me reupholster it! We got the fabric for a good price at JoAnns and then we recovered it! We loved how it turned out! Now all we need is a prettier couch, but we are in no rush! The top part of the chair is what it used to look like and the bottom part is what we recovered it in.

 We had a wonderful Easter Sunday! We helped substitute for a primary class, which was so much fun and then we came home, dyed Easter eggs and then hid them for our Easter Egg Hunt! Leah had so much fun running around the house with Daddy finding all of the clues and eggs that the "Easter Bunny" hid! Here is Leah and I in our Easter dresses! The bunny I am wearing around my neck was had carved from my dad when I was 9 years old. I have worn it every Easter for the last 14 years proudly! I love you Daddy!
 Here is Leah in some super cute bunny ears that my sister in law Ellen sent us! She loved wearing them and was fascinated by the pink sparkly part!
 This is a picture of our mud room where Tyler and I love to go and read! We also have a lot of plants that we keep out there that we love to tend. This year we were excited to be able to plant a garden! We planted three tomato plants, and lots of cucumbers! We hope we will get something out of it. I love this picture because Leah loves to go out in the mud room and wave at all the cars that pass by the house! She gets so excited to see them!
 Tyler says he will treasure this note forever! Tyler loves to tease his poor little nieces. This past Saturday we were able to hang out with them after a family funeral. This was the conversation Tyler had with his niece Grace. (Note: Grace and her family have chickens that like to sit by the window and look in on us while we sit in their living room.)
 Ty: Hey Grace!
Grace: What?
Ty: Chicken Butt!
(Grace runs to nice Aunt Kacey and turns red in the face from anger then exits the room hastily!)
A few minutes later Grace returns with a note that was nicely wrapped up for Tyler with lots of bows. As you can see from the picture below, Tyler had fun continually teasing his nieces for the grammatical error. (Grace did not write the note, but had her big sister Rachel write it for her, which made it even funnier!) Tyler deserved to be called a "but head" after what he did!

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  1. Leah is so beautiful. It made me cry to see her in that yellow dress. So many memories of my little ones who aren't so little anymore! We love you so much!