Saturday, March 17, 2012

Happy Valentine's/St. Patrick's Day!

Hello From the Andersen crew! We have had some fun adventures the last couple of months. We did end up moving into our new apartment and we just LOVE it! Compared to our last place it is a palace! Below is a family picture of us on St. Patrick's Day! We had to pinch daddy since he decided not to wear green! Tyler wanted to have an authentic Irish meal on St. Patrick's day to celebrate our Irish heritage! We had "Fish and Chips" and IBC cream soda! It was soooo yummy, but not super healthy!
Here is Leah enjoying her time with her daddy! She loves being able to snuggle with her daddy! And don't they both have the cutest smiles!
This last week we went to a technology fair at the Hold Arena on campus. It was super fun to go and walk around together. Here is Leah giving her best "Go Bengals" cheer!
Leah got to meet Wall-e at the fair, but she was not quite sure how to react to the robot. This was the coolest robot and it even played all the sounds from the movie!
Here is Leah an I at our niece Rachel's birthday party at the beginning of the month! We have so much fun hanging out with our family, and our nieces are sooo sweet with Leah!
Leah likes to "Feast upon the words of Christ". After Leah destroyed a few of our Ensign's we learned to put them in a place where she could not reach them. Just look at that innocent face. Leah is starting to crawl and has her first tooth coming in! I love how big my baby is getting!
These were my Valentines on Valentines day! We had a fun day with heart shaped pancakes in the morning, a trip to Walmart in the afternoon and Chinese food for dinner. It was a wonderful Valentine's day, especially since we got to spend it together as a family!
In February Leah and her cousins got to go to a princess Tea Party at Tyler's old high school! It was so much fun to see all of the different princesses and to hang out with Katy and her girls! Leah went as a fairy! (Thanks Laura for the amazing Tutu and hairband!)


  1. way too cute, how dare she grow up without my permission :) enjoy the first year, it's exciting when they first learn how to do things

  2. That's great you were able to move into a larger place! Always nice! Looks like you guys have been keeping busy with lots of fun activities together! She's growing fast!

  3. Oh my goodness! What cute baby smiles! Glad you guys are doing well. Miss ya!

  4. She is so cute! You are all looking good. It is great to hear all that's going with you. We are so excited to see you all! Beth started dancing around when I told her you were coming. Prepare yourself for the onslaught of over exuberance.

  5. I love reading your blog. That's great you found a new place. You have a cute family! You look great, the mom life must be working out for you. :)

  6. she looks so much like her daddy

  7. We always love seeing pictures of beautiful Leah!! We can never get enough!! We love you guys!!